Nazareth Rueda

First of all, thank you for being brave and deciding to solve what has been around your head for so long.

My job and vocation is being and work with you to find a solution to what sometimes seems impossible to you.

I am a graduate in psychology, trained in Brief Therapy, and a professional when it comes to helping you get to know yourself, overcome what causes you discomfort and accompany you on the road.

Your goal will be my goal.

When should I go to the psychologist ?

Going to the psychologist is a way of self-care, and shows courage and initiative to solve the problems that appear in our day to day.


Request an appointment if you feel there is some aspect of your life that prevents move you, if you need help making a decision, if you feel you have thoughts or emotions that paralyze you, or if you need someone to accompany you on some difficult time in your life .

I'm here to help you.

How will the

psychologist ?

To carry out my work, I need us to set up a team, where we work together with a common goal.

I am an expert in problem solving, and you are an expert in your own problems, so there can be no better collaboration.


As a psychologist I will help you enhance your own strengths, your resources and abilities so that, together, we can solve what worries you.


Online ?

New technologies have made it possible to carry out almost any activity from home, with the comfort that this entails.

Online mode is a way to bring my help to you, wherever you are.

Confidentiality, as with face-to-face therapy, is fully assured.

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