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About me

Nazareth Rueda

First of all, thank you for being brave and deciding to solve what has been worrying you for so long.


My job and vocation is to accompany you and work with you to find a solution to what sometimes seems impossible.


I am a graduate in psychology, trained in Brief Therapy, and professional when it comes to helping you get to know yourself, to overcome what causes you discomfort and to accompany you on the way, I will explain a little more thoroughly!


I graduated in Psychology from the University of Malaga, although my last year I studied at the University of Silesia, in Katowice (Poland). I did my university internship as a psychologist at the Malaga Penitentiary Center, where I was offered the opportunity to stay as a volunteer as a psychologist and co-therapist for three years, conducting both individual sessions and group workshops on reintegration with different types of crimes and problems inmates' personals.


While studying the degree I expanded my knowledge with various courses, among which are training in Juvenile Delinquency or the Intrafamily Conflict Management course. Once I finished the degree, I have completed the training of Technician in Gender Violence at the University of Nebrija, I also have a master's degree in Child and Adolescent Psychology , and I am currently studying an Expert Postgraduate in Systemic Therapy , approved by the FEATF and the FEAP.

I would also like you to know that, in addition to my native language, Spanish, I have a high level in reading, writing and conversation in English , having a C1 level certified by the Official School of Languages, so I can carry out sessions in both languages.





Although behind all that training, in session, I focus on getting to know you, on putting myself in your shoes without judging, doing that work that I am passionate about, such as accompanying you and working with you to find a solution to what sometimes seems impossible and provokes you. discomfort, and my way of doing it will be by enhancing your skills, personal resources and strengths and helping you to know your lights and accept your shadows.

What goal do you want us to achieve together?

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